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InfraScan offers complete thermal imaging services in Ontario and Quebec that help detect problems and prevent costly damage.

Our infrared inspections are the most innovative way of conducting complete diagnostics of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

They’re fast, safe, inexpensive and non-destructive. More importantly, they’re extremely effective and accurate at finding hidden or hard-to-see problems.

Common problems identified in an infrared inspection


Thermal imaging cameras are among a new age of tools and techniques used to inspect buildings and equipment of all shapes and sizes for problems.

The following problems can be easily detected with an infrared camera:

  • moisture intrusion
  • heat loss
  • poor or missing insulation
  • drafts around windows and doors
  • leaky plumbing
  • overheated electrical systems
  • damaged roofing
  • foundation cracks
  • mold growth

The main benefit of using infrared cameras is that they are non-destructive. This means that you don’t have to destroy walls or other structural components of your property during the inspection. This saves both time and money.

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